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Fearless Governance in Tamil (அச்சமற்ற ஆட்சி - வளமான புதுச்சேரி)

Dr. Kiran Bedi

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1 May 2023 அன்று முடிக்கப்பட்டது
ISBN எண் : 9789355993830
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The Book ‘Fearless Governance’ by Dr Kiran Bedi, former Lt Governor of Puducherry and IPS (retd) is a revelation of stark realities of governance.This book is based on the ground realities of nearly five years of service of Dr. Bedi as Lt. Governor of Puducherry and her vast experience of 40 years in the Indian Police Service.The author demonstrates the right practises of responsible governance. She brought about team spirit, collaboration, financial prudence, effective policing, bonding in services and decision making through fearless leadership. 'Fearless Governance' is a book to read, see, hear and feel for good governance and leadership. It is illustrated with photographs, graphics and short videos that are accessible through QR Code. Read more 

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